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Nestled on level 3 of the Singapore National Library building, OTC is a café and bar well tucked away from the hectic city life. The cosy atmosphere makes it one of the best meeting places in the Bugis area for an intimate catch up, a quick lunch meeting and an enjoyable dinner before a performance at the state-of-the-art theatre. ​ With a plethora of food and beverage choices, and plenty of events happening in the building for the little ones and adults alike, OTC Cafe has become a second home to students, families, foodies, and musical lovers. ​


Converting walk-in customers into loyal returning patrons is a must for any F&B business, and it is no exception for OTC as well. However, conventional membership programmes are too tedious and labourious to implement, usually requiring the waiting staff to proactively approach customers to sign up. This becomes something that is easily neglected during peak periods the entire staff is busy with serving orders to customers.

At the same time, using social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram to attract new customers is increasingly becoming a less and less appealing option due to rising marketing and advertising costs associated with them.


After learning about Gimify and what it is capable of, OTC promptly subscribed to it and transformed its free wifi offering into an effective data collection system that automatically captures customers’ verified emails when they access the free wifi service.

Installation and setup on site at the OTC premises was less than 15 minutes and Gimify sprang into action immediately, acquiring a few customers’ email addresses in real-time right after installation even before OTC personnel was briefed by the Gimify team on accessing the system’s backend dashboard.

All the captured email data was automatically transmitted to a 3rd party email marketing system that OTC subscribed to, so that it can start communicating with these acquired customers without additional hassle.

Results After Signing Up Gimify

The results came in fast and came in furious. Gimify performed beyond OTC’s expectations and was acquiring on average close to 500 emails per month, helping OTC create from practically nothing a sizeable customer base that it can now market to.

The average cost per customer acquisition is less than 7 cents per customer, making Gimify the most cost-effective means of capturing customers compared to all the other available platforms and channels in the market.

“Gimify just works! It does its job so automatically and effectively that most of the time we don’t even notice that it is there. And we are always pleasantly surprised at how many new customers we’ve acquired whenever we review the data.”

Joycelyn, OTC Cafe




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