Getting A Headstart On Customer Acquisition – 2Six


Getting A Headstart On Customer Acquisition – 2Six


2Six is a sweet little boutique cafe located in the tranquil Katong area of Singapore. The founders of the cafe envisioned the space to be a destination choice for friends and professionals – especially those staying at the eastern part of Singapore – to come and hang out regularly.


Converting walk-in customers into loyal returning patrons is a must for any F&B business, and it is no exception for 2Six as well.

Being a new business, 2Six has to build its customer base from ground up but it is expensive to do so with the rising costs of social media marketing.

Working on a lean manpower structure, it is also not feasible for the service staff to be manually and proactively asking customers sign up membership or leave their contact details behind for future communication. This is especially so during peak hours.

How Gimify Helped

2Six approached us for advice and we promptly helped with implementing our Gimify WiFi Marketing solution at the premise. This allows 2Six to automatically capture customers emails whenever they access the free wifi service.

The entire setup process was swift and effortless. The system was up and running in just under 10 minutes. Being a system that is designed from ground up to be extremely user friendly especially to elderly workers, the 2Six operational manager had no problem understanding how to manage the administrative backed and view the information captured within just 15 minutes of onsite orientation.

All the captured email data was automatically transmitted to the MailChimp email marketing system that we also helped 2Six set up, so that it can start communicating with these acquired customers without additional hassle.

Results After Signing Up Gimify

For a quiet location that has sparse human traffi where the cafe was situated, the results were very encouraging, generating an average capture of 220 emails every month. Within 6 months, 2Six had a sizeable customer database that it can market to, without having to commit any effort to build it in the first place.

Over a 12 month cycle, the cost of acquisition worked out to be under 30 cents per customer acquired, making Gimify the most cost-effective method to capture customers compared to all the other available platforms and channels in the market.


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